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Sunday, September 5, 2010

So Many Ancestors, So Little Time

My new job allows less time for my genealogy project. This means until I win the lottery, I will have to research in stolen moments here and there.

To make the most of these abbreviated time allotments, organization will be key. Obviously the three file boxes filled with notes can't be conquered simultaneously. And the cluster genealogy approach, often leading me down interesting but non-productive paths, must be streamlined.

Where to begin? I chose my grandparents and printed pedigree charts for each. Such a surprise to see the lack of information in some those spaces! While some lines trace back centuries, others end within decades. How can this be? I've been working on this tree for, gasp, nearly 25 years!

And so a plan is born. To record what I know and how I know it. To follow direct line ancestor's back as far as I am able. To use siblings and cousins as aids in the search, not as focuses, well...until later anyway. And to share the organized (and oh-so-interesting) facts about my family on my web site.

Wish me luck!