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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Genealogy Success Team Wanted

I'm stuck. And I need your help.

This year my family history progress is pitiful and its nearly May. There is much more I'd like to accomplish, but I just can't seem to do it alone.

When I was a young entrepreneur, I met with three people once a week for an hour. We gave each other 15 minutes; five to review, five to brainstorm, and five to set new goals.

We were accountable to each other. We guided each other over bumpy roads, cheered each other on, and forced each other to acknowledge and overcome perceived shortcomings.

I need a new virtual success team focused on family history. Are you interested? Here's what you'd have to do:
  • Be committed. Once you join, you must attend 95% of meetings.
  • Be prepared to share your accomplishments or lack thereof with three other researchers.
  • Be receptive to suggestions and generous with suggestions for others.
  • Be sensitive to the privacy of your team members.
  • Be prepared, organized, brief, and focused during each meeting.
If you are passionate about your family history but making less progress than you'd like, please consider becoming a member of my Success Team.