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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Traditions in Today's Family History

It would be nice to know more about my ancestors' favorite traditions. Not just the holiday celebrations, but the everyday stuff that made up their day-to-day lives.

Did they meet for brunch after church? Was there a dress code for gatherings? Did Grandma knit a blanket for every newborn? Were there special places they always visited? What made their family unique among the millions of families on the planet?

In our family, there's a big difference between parents and grandparents. The parents are all about teaching; manners, safety, rules, good sportsmanship, appropriate behavior. And they do an exceptional job. We grandparents have much more freedom between the lines. And therein lies the fun.

I have two rules when my grandchildren are passengers in my car. First, you must wear your safety belt. And second, you must wear cool glasses. The first time I packed fun sunglasses was a lark. My four oldest grandchildren, blessed with incredible senses of humor, enjoyed the experience. Rinse and repeat, and voila! A tradition is born.

Fun glasses are part of what makes our family unique. What traditions play a role in the family history you are creating?


Sheri said...

Now that is what I like to see! Groovy Grandmas and Cool Grand kids!

Kathy said...

I love this one! We have quite a few tradition born of these kind of experiences too.

Thanks for sharing.

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