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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Tithe ~ Boston Massachusetts

Boston Evening Transcript
~ May 20, 1907 ~

Police Lieutenant John B. Rosatto

Lieutenant John B. Rosatto, the man who demoralized La Mafia in Boston, died Saturday at his summer home in Billerica. While traveling through Italy with Chief Watts, the lieutenant was marked by La Mafia for death because of his uprooting of the branch of the society in Boston, and before he and Chief Watts got through with them two were under arrest in Rome.

Born in Boston, Jan. 15, 1858, of Italian parents, John B. Rosatto grew to be a thorough American citizen. He was educated in the schools of the North End and was an apt student. On Aug. 12, 1887, he was appointed a reserve officer, and on June 9, 1888, he was made a permenent patrolman. His devotion to his work was so complete and his success so marked that his rise was rapid, for on Aug. 10, 1893, he was made a sergeant, and on Oct. 23, 1894, he was made a lieutenant. He always served the department at the North End station, where his services were so valuable because of the growth of the Italian colony.

This obituary was located during one of my RAOGK volunteer lookup days. More information about the newspapers I search is on my family history web site. A memorial has been created for John B. Rosatto and can be found on Find A Grave. I hope you'll take a moment to leave flowers for him there.

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