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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Those Old Photographs

First Grandchild's First Christmas

I know the little girl in this picture. I catch a glimpse of her every time I look in a mirror.

The hand in the upper right-hand corner belongs to my Grandpa John. I'm sure his unlit cigar is in his left hand; it always was. Makes me smile just remembering.

But who is the woman on the left? I'm pretty sure it's Judith, my great-grandfather's second wife.

Shall I assume I'm correct? There isn't anyone left to ask. Or should I mark the picture with "my guess is..."?

My family looks at me a little strange when I label my photos with:
  • the date of the event
  • a description of the occasion (so-and-so's birthday for example)
  • location in which the picture was taken (address-specific)
  • all participants' first and last names; and age when appropriate
  • all participants' relationships to one another
Okay, maybe that's excessive. But it sure would have been nice if someone had labeled this picture with more than "First Grandchild's First Christmas".

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Jenny Lanctot said...

Somebody was a darn cute kid!

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