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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transcription Thursday ~ Marie Catherine Gury

Marie Catherine is one of at least eight children born to my 5th great-grandparents, Joseph François Gury and Barbe Richard. Below the image of her 1809 birth record is my attempt to transcribe and translate it.

I transcribed in green and translated in black. The words I couldn't quite figure out are red:

While I was working on this post, a kind gentleman from the Alsace-Lorraine list shared his thoughts:

"Today the 11th day of January, eighteen hundred and nine, at eight in the morning at the townhall of Altroff, in the arrondisement of Chateau Julline, in the department of Muerthe. Appeared before Peter Bocage, the Mayor and civil officer of the commune of Altroff,  Mr. Joseph Francois Gury, an artist residing in said Altroff, age forty-five years accompanied by Nicolas Geurolt, a farmer with forty eight years, and Peter Fuhrmann, a forty-two-year old teacher residing in the same commune. They presented us with a female child, born between midnight and one o'clock in the morning at the home of Pierre Gury and Barbe Richard, the thirty-one year old legitimately married wife of the declarant. They have given the child the first name of Marie Catherine

The last line is a little unclear but, it basically says that the record was read aloud to the Father and witnesses and that they have signed their names in agreement."

It was nice to see someone else felt the last line was unclear, I was stumped by that. Thanks also to Stephan for desciphering "teacher" as Pierre Fuhrmann's occupation.

That makes one record down, a hundred or so more to go!

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