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Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Anniversaries

Happy December anniversary to my cousin Cynthia and her husband!

Ancestors who wed in December include:

My third great-grandparents Carl TOLF and Helena Christina ÅMAN who were married in Sweden 26 Dec 1848. They begat Peter, who begat Harry, who begat Harriet, who begat my mother.

Owen Henry TOLF (my second cousin twice removed) who married Luella BUTLER 29 Dec 1947 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Owen's grandfather Gustav TOLF was my 2nd great-grandfather Peter TOLF's brother.

My grand-uncle Harry Vincent FLOOD and Helen Catherine MALCZAN who were married 24 Dec 1955 in River Grove, Cook, Illinois. Harry and my maternal grandfather John George WALTON were half brothers.

Charles Fredrick OTTO Jr (my granduncle) who married Marie Martha SCHMITZ 31 Dec 1940 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Charlie's mother Esther Ingeborg CLARIN, was my father's maternal grandmother.

My second great-granduncle Frans Magnus TOLF and Matilda PETERSON who were married 31 Dec 1881 Batavia, Kane, Illinois. Frank (as he was called in America) and my 2nd great-grandfather Peter TOLF were brothers.

Frank and Mathilda with their son Charles
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