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Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Birthdays

Happy December birthday to my niece Julia and to my cousins Dennis and Lynn.

Other December birthdays in my family tree include:

Sara Lisa JACOBSDOTTER, my 7th great-grandmother was born 31 Dec 1725 in Ostergotlands, Sweden. Sara's great-grandson, my 3rd great-grandfather Carl TOLF also celebrated his birthday in  December; he was born 19 Dec 1824 in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden. In May of 1878 he and his wife and four of their eight children left Sweden for America. Carl would live out his life in Batavia Illinois.

Carl's son Peter TOLF married Augusta LANDSTROM. Augusta's mother Lisa Katarina PETERSDOTTER was born 29 Dec 1829 Wallsjo, Sweden. The Landstroms also immigrated to Illinois.

My 2nd great-grandfather James WALTON was born on the Isle of Man 18 Dec 1843. He was only seven months old when his parents and an aunt and uncle immigrated to Cleveland Ohio.

A 2nd great grandaunt Sophia SCHMITT was born in Hellimer, Moselle, Lorraine, France 10 Dec 1845. Her sister-in-law Mary Ann BARNES was born 26 Dec 1845 in Dublin Ireland.

One of my family history mysteries is Carl Johan TOLF born 02 Dec 1849 in Svenarum, Jönköping, Sweden. It isn't clear whether or not he immigrated to Illinois as his parents and siblings did.

My 2nd great grandfather's brother Sven LARSSON was born in Hörby, Malmöhus, Sweden on 15 Dec 1856. Sven immigrated to Denmark on 19 May 1873 and younger brother Carl LARSSON CLARIN immigrated to Illinois.

Another direct line ancestor's brother celebrated a December birthday. Elmer Eugene CLARKE was born in Maryland 03 Dec 1865. He and several of his brothers, including my 2nd great-grandfather William Penrod CLARKE moved to Illinois when they were young men.

Emma Justina PETERSDOTTER (21 Dec 1866) is a 2nd great grandaunt who immigrated from her birthplace of Tånnö, Jonkopings, Sweden in 1883. To date, I have found no records of her on the US side of the ocean.

Alvina S SCHMITT, who was married to Otto V MUELLER, was born 15 Dec 1883 in Ohio. I hope to locate a living descendant of hers soon.

Swedish immigrant Ludwig Charles OGREN, born 21 Dec 1885, married one of my Thompson ancestors and moved to Ohio. Their adopted daughter Ruth was my maternal grandmother's cousin.

My maternal grandfather's sister Edith Josephine WALTON was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois 23 Dec 1902. Grandpa's brother Rolf Sylvester WALTON was born in Chicago too, on 31 Dec 1909.

My paternal grandmother's brother Ernest Robert MANGELS was born 28 Dec 1907 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. He and his brother were given up for unofficial adoption. Their reunion decades later was more than just newsworthy:

Are any of my ancestors in your family tree too?
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