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Monday, September 5, 2011

Countdown to FGS 2011

Our trip to Springfield starts the day after tomorrow and ends with a family visit on Grandparents' Day.

I've graduated from counting the hours to counting the minutes. (I stopped counting all the stairs I've climbed to add just one more must-have item to the suitcase.)

Syllabus, handouts, and maps are printed. Charts, trees and documents are organized. Created a list of Find A Grave photo requests for cemeteries we'll pass along the way. Made a list of the geneabloggers (with photos when available) that I want to meet in Springfield.

Clothes are spinning in the dryer. Road trip grocery list is written and waiting by the door. Tomorrow I'll visit the library for audiobooks to entertain us during the 500+ mile trip (and back again).

Now my attention returns to my ancestors. For the rest of the day (with a few tiny exceptions) I will peruse their folders, pictures, and documents. I'll make notes of what I hope to learn in each workshop as it pertains to each person in my family tree.

In a few days I'll be rubbing elbows with nearly 1800 people who are as intrigued by their ancestors as I am by mine. I couldn't be more excited about this trip. This could be my best conference yet!


DianaR said...

Hey Laura ~ I did the same thing...creating a list of the Geneabloggers at FGS along with pictures. Sure hope you plan on wearing that same stunning hat that is featured in your picture :-)

Brenda Leyndyke said...

You gave me a couple more things to add to my list to do before I go to Springfield. I love the idea of going through files and noting what I hope to learn. I could spend the rest of the day just on my German ancestors. See you at FGS.

Laura Aanenson said...

Brenda, I can relate ~ one ancestor may take my entire afternoon! Diana, I might have to leave the hat at home. :o) lol

Jenny Lanctot said...

As you know I'm completely jealous because I can't go, but try to have fun anyway :) Seriously though ... I can't wait to hear all about it!

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