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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Old People Should Do Genealogy

I covered "FGS 2011 ~ The Why" here, but then I got to thinking about Why in a bigger context.

I'm often asked (either outright or with that deeply quizzical look) why I like genealogy.

Those of us who love this sport already know the drive behind our desire to climb the family tree, but here's a few reasons for you youngsters to encourage parents and grandparents to take up the hobby:

1.) Genealogy keeps your mind sharp. Oh sure, I may get lost on the way home or wear my underwear on top of my clothes, but ask me to recite my direct lineage back to 1612 and I'm all over it.

2.) Genealogists are low maintenance. At home I'll need you or your spouse to cater to my every need. All. Day. Long. Or you can drive me to a genealogy library at 9am and pick me up at closing time.

3.) Genealogy is good exercise. Maybe I can't keep up with you young whippersnappers on the disco dance floor, but show me a 1756 church record with my ancestor's name on it and I'll show you some pretty spiffy dance moves.

4.) Genealogists are good conversationalists. C'mon, which would you rather have me talk about, your 7th great-grandfather's military career or my goiter?

5.) Genealogy is a group event. At home I may need a walker to get around. Sign me up for FGS 2012 and like a kindergarden kid on the first day of school, I'll skip up the genealogy tour bus steps and never look back.


Susan Clark said...

Love it, Laura. I need to send this to my kids.

Laura said...

Thanks Susan, it was fun to write!

Greta Koehl said...

In full agreement - it's funny but true!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! This is terrific...

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