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Monday, July 18, 2011

Success Team Update - Technically Week 9

Last week was rough for Jenny and me. Work was busy, family had issues, weather was yucky. Hey, some weeks are like that.

So we made liberal use of the word "technically" during our virtual meeting Saturday morning.

Last week I found 30 pieces of paper while filing that were either filed the "old" way or not at all. I said I was going to start processing them. You know, make sure they are in Family Tree Maker, on Ancestry, on Find A Grave... that kinda stuff.

Technically I did start processing them, but made little progress. When I found information missing from these documents, I did more research. This turned 30 pieces of paper into 52. Jenny referred to the original bunch as 30 cups of quicksand. The more I flailed about, the deeper I sank. Ugh. But technically, I was only supposed to start processing them. So I get a sorta checkmark.

Technically Jenny got some sorta checkmarks too. It was a tough week, remember?

We each reduced our expectations for the upcoming week. Three tasks each.

In my case, I am to finish a task I already started, post information I already acquired, and tell you about an experience I already had. Way to lower the bar!

I'm okay with that. 'Cause technically we are still moving forward on our respective family history research. And that's the reason I love this team.

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Jenny Lanctot said...

Technically, I'd call that winning! :)

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