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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FGS 2011 Registration

It's official. I'm registered for September's FGS 2011 Conference in Springfield Illinois! (Doing my genealogy happy dance!)

Mr. IAR is registered too which makes the upcoming trip twice as exciting. We'll be joining forces for a few workshops and exploring others on our own. Should be a talkative return trip as we compare notes and share our new-found knowledge! There were so many interesting tracks from which to choose! Here are my Friday/Saturday picks:

  • After Mustering Out: Researching Civil War Veterans
  • Family Search Community: Together We Can Find Our Ancestors
  • Immigration and Emmigration Records on
  • Beginning Swiss Research
  • Gateway to the West: Researching in Ohio
  • Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates
  • Don't Get Burned: Getting Around the Great Chicago Fire of 1871
  • Developing Effective Research Strategies
  • Discovering the Goldmine of Knowledge in Court Records
  • Burned Counties Research
  • The Circle of Life: Genealogy Research with Vital Records
  • The 1940 Census
Just glancing at the list above, I see myself ending the conference with ideas that will help when researching my Clarkes and Littrells (Civil War, Court Records, Burned Counties); the Muellers (Immigration, Swiss Research, Chicago Fire); my Schmitts (Ohio, Burned Counties, 1940 Census); the Shartzers (Civil War, Collaterals and Associates, Court Records), and my Tolfs (Court Records, Vital Records, 1940 Census).

And I'm drooling (not literally of course...okay, maybe just a little) over the Family Search Community and Developing Effective Research Strategies tracks. The countdown of days to the conference begins!!

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