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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Translation Tuesday ~ Claude Schmitt

I created a rough draft transcription and translation of my 5th great-grandfather's death record. Then I asked fellow members of the Alsace-Lorraine list to review my efforts and share comments or corrections. What a lively discussion ensued!

Did the death occur the day the record was created or the day before? (At 2am the same day.) Is "de Françoise" a surname or a woman's given name? (Françoise is Claude's mother's first name.) Did both Claude's parents die in Boulay or just his father? (Both parents.)

Having many pairs of eyes look at the same document gave me greater confidence about the correctness of our final draft. I found the discussion fascinating because it demonstrated the intricacies of the French language as it was used in 1814. One letter made all the difference when determining my sixth great-grandparents' place of death!

Updated Transcription - Deces d’ Claude Schmitt
L’ an mil huit cent quatorze le douze Novembre à huit heures du matin par devant nous maire officier de l’ etat Civil de la commune d' Hellimer et Diffenbach sont comparus François Schmitt tanneur agé de quarante ans et Jacob Sadler instituteur agé de trente sept ans tous deux domiciliés à Hellimer lesquels nous ont déclaré que Claude Schmitt, agé de soixante et quatorze ans veuf de défunte Anne Schmitt, fils de Jean Schmitt et de Françoise Adam décédés à Boulay, est décédé aujourd'hui à deux heures du matin dans sa maison à Hellimer, de quoi avons dressé acte que les déclarants ont signés avec nous après lecture faite.

Updated Translation - Death of Claude Schmitt
The year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen November 12 at eight in the morning appeared before us Mayor officer of the civil status of the municipality of Hellimer and Diffenbach, François Schmitt, tanner, aged of forty years and Jacob Sadler, teacher, 37 year old, both domiciled in Hellimer, who declared to me that Claude Schmitt, aged seventy-four years widower of deceased Anne Schmitt, son of Jean Schmitt and Françoise Adam (who both died at Boulay), died today at two in the morning at his home in Hellimer, which we have registered, and declarants have signed with us after reading done.

Many thanks to all those on the A-L list who helped with this record!

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