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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Genealogy Success Team ~ Week Four

Love the anticipation of my weekly phone meetings with Jenny. Love love the rush of adrenaline that hits me at half time. Love love love the action that takes place in both time zones after we hang up. You rock Jenny, thanks!

Last week's goals (i.e. this week's accomplishments):
  • Add Pierre and Sophia to my web site check
  • Create a page for Elisabeth check
  • Work Elisabeth's birth through my Document SOP (see upcoming post)
  • Plan a format and schedule for my It's a Relative blog check
  • Add links from my web site to my blog and vice versa check
What must I accomplish before the next meeting?
  • Prepare blog posts for two lost children
  • Transcribe two French documents and translate one of them
  • Attend two Jamboree webinars (today - what fun!)
  • Photoshop Thursday's FHC finds
  • Work Elisabeth Schmitt through my Document SOP (yes, again!)
This is a pretty ambitious list - I'd better get started!

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